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Tips for Hiring The Best Event Staff in Chicago For Parties

When it comes to hosting a successful event in Chicago, having the right team is as just as venue or menu. The staff will be interacting with your guests and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Here are our 3 top tips for hiring the right event staff for your next private or corporate event in Chicago.

1. Define Your Event Needs Clearly Before you start your search, be clear about what your event requires. Do you need bartenders, servers, greeters, or all of the above? Consider the size of your event, the venue, and the type of guests attending. This will help you determine the number of staff needed and their specific skills, like mixology expertise or experience in formal dining.

2. Make sure they are professional and friendly! The best event staff are not just skilled but also friendly and professional. They should be able to handle unexpected situations with grace and maintain a positive demeanor throughout the event with your guests.

3. Consider Hiring Wee Mixed For your Event. Sometimes, the best way to find top-quality staff is to work with professionals who know exactly where to look. At Wee Mixed, we can provide the perfect bartenders, servers, and bussers for your event . We can save you time and effort by providing pre-vetted, experienced staff tailored to your specific needs. You can fill out our contact form or shoot us a call at 708-850-6355 to discuss more.



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