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How to Plan Corporate Events

When it comes to planning a corporate event, it can be ALOT! Planning any event alone can take anywhere from 2-6 months. Corporate events sometimes have shorter deadline for planning events. From all of the events we have done and from our inside networking secrets from corporate event planners, here are our best tips:

1. Give yourself a realistic timeline WITH deadlines

Make sure to outline the exact timeline of when you'll be finalizing hiring vendors, day of schedule, and the event project management. You can do this by creating a big checklist of what needs to get done and make sure to include a deadline. Sometimes vendors are booked months in advance, so it's key to start reaching out as soon as possible! If you're interested in downloading our free corporate event planning template, just shoot us an email at

2. Decide what is the EXACT outcome and goal of the corporate event

By deciding what's the outcome of the event, you'll be able to structure everything based on this key concept. Some examples are:
-"Showing employees appreciation for their hard-work by doing a happy hour."
-"Cultivating a team bonding experience by doing a group mixology class."
-"Bringing in X amount of potential customers by promoting our store opening with fun activities and vendors coming in."

Once you figure out your goal/outcome, you can start aligning everything you do to make sure it aligns with the goal in mind. Not setting a goal can create confusion in what exactly is aiming to be achieved.

3. Set a budget

You need to know exactly how much money the company will be spending for this event. Once you have your budget, you can start allocating your costs to what matters the most for your event.

4. Hire Vetted, Reliable Vendors
We can't emphasize this enough. It's so important to hire the right vendors for your event. A bad, inexperienced vendor can make or break a corporate event. Some keys things to look into are:
-Do they specialize in corporate?
-Have they worked corporate events before? Remember corporate events are very different from a backyard party.
-Do they care and value company culture?
-Do they have 5 star reviews or 3 star reviews?
-Will their service align with the theme of the event?

What we would recommend is to allocate check out their Google Reviews and also don't be shy to ask them if they have done corporate events!

We hope these tips can help you! If you're on the lookout for a corporate mobile bartending business for your next event in Illinois, feel free to reach out via email at Corporate events are were we thrive!



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