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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mobile Bartender in Chicago?

This is the most asked question we get when a client is inquiring about our mobile bartending services! However, even if we aren't working together, we wanted to give you a general overview of how much you might be spending for a mobile bartending service. Right now you might be wondering to yourself the following:

"I've never hired a mobile bartender, how much would it be?"

"Do mobile bartenders charge an hourly rate in Chicago?"

"Are mobile bartenders expensive in Chicago?"
It depends on the company/individual you hire. Here are 2 things that affect how much a mobile bartending company or mobile bartender charges for their services:

1. Side Hustler VS. hiring a mobile bar company

Some mobile bartenders do it as a side hustle to supplement their current "9-5 income". We have found that those bartenders tend to charge a lower cost and might do things at an hourly rate. On average we have found that they charge anywhere from $20.00-$250.00 an hour. When hiring a mobile bar company, you can expect to pay more because there are more operations involved with it. Our general rule of thumb is that if you are looking to go for the ABSOLUTE MOST affordable option to go with a bartender who does it as a side hustle. However many of them do not have the insurance or proper licensing needed if you are doing it at a venue or for your corporate event. If you have a higher budget and are shorter on time, you may want to explore hiring a mobile bar company. On average, we've noticed mobile bar companies charge anywhere starting from $1,000- $4,000 and go up from there.

2. More experience can mean a higher cost!

A more experienced mobile bartender and/or mobile bartending company may charge higher prices for their services due to their level of expertise which puts them at high demand. This is across all industries, but do expect to pay more if they have a high level of experience. Flair bartenders or bartenders who have decades of experience may charge higher rates due to all of the training that they went through.

While we could get down to the nit and grit of how much a mobile bartender service may cost, we know these two factors play the most important role across our industry. If you're looking to hire a friendly and reliable mobile bartender for your next corporate or private event in Chicago, and want to talk, let's chat.



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